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Rejuvenate your skin with our customized facials that are just right for you.

Upgraded Facials

Based on what works best for your skin. Advanced facials often utilize cutting-edge technologies and high-quality ingredients that penetrate deeper into the skin, providing more significant improvements in texture, tone, and elasticity. 

Facial Add-Ons

Jelly mask – hydrating / peels- exfoliation / derma planning- hair and dead skin cell removal / ice gloves- relaxation / high frequency – gets rid of acne and hyperpigmentation / ultrasonic- deep cleanse.

Facial Treatments

  • Oxygen Infused Treatments
  • Biorépeel Treatment – No peeling. No downtime. Radiant skin. No more breakouts. Smaller pores get that glossy skin everyone loves.

Back Treatments

Back facial – good for relaxation or any back breakouts. These treatments focus on an area that is often neglected, addressing concerns like acne, clogged pores, and dry skin. 


Experience a rejuvenated complexion with our expert dermaplaning services, skillfully designed to gently exfoliate and reveal smoother, brighter skin for a radiant, youthful glow.


Remove unwanted hair with our waxing services. Our body waxing services provide a smooth and long-lasting hair removal experience, catering to various areas of the body with meticulous care and professionalism for a sleek, hair-free look.


We offer permanent makeup, eyebrow waxing and shaping. Our eyebrow services skillfully shape and define brows, offering a range of treatments that include shaping and tinting to perfectly frame and enhance your facial features.

Lash - Lifts and Tints

Lamination, tinting, Lash lift and tint, Lash extensions, classic and volume sets. Lash lifts and tints are cosmetic treatments that enhance the natural appearance of eyelashes by lifting and darkening them, creating a more pronounced and vibrant look.

Permanent Jewelry

Jewelry is welded on so you can keep it forever. I have sliver, gold and different styles. You can come by yourself or with friends and family to get it done! You can book an appointment through my book now app. I offer anklets, bracelets, necklaces, and rings and price ranges from $30 – $120 depending on style and material

Lash Serum

This is an all natural lash serum that will give your lashes, thickness and growth! Great to use before a lash lift after using lash extensions or just for every day use! Apply a smaller amount every night before bed!

Holistic Health Nutrition

As you know, I’m a holistic health nutritionist, because Skin health starts in the gut. And overall health is a huge passion of mine. I post a lot of food (lots on my Pinterest in bio). So everyone can look and feel their best. I have my own garden, which I grow a lot of my food from! and if this lifestyle interest you. I will have counseling and these services at my studio. I will even be offering online counseling form your home.

Lash & Business Course

Get Certified

Our comprehensive lash course empowers aspiring aestheticians with in-depth training and practical skills, equipping them to master the art of lash application and maintenance for standout eye enhancements.

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